A Hercules Masterpiece Monday


Today’s Masterpiece Monday features a very early piece of concept art for Meg and Hercules. This concept art is from so early in the production that it may even have been created before Gerald Scarfe came to influence the style of the film. What I particularly like about this piece is that it seems to really strongly capture the two character’s personalities and their relationship together even at this early stage.

Honestly I don’t know as much about this piece as I would like, but I will fill you in on what I do know. This concept art was drawn by Andy Gaskill, who was the art director of Hercules. His main job was to make sure all the artists worked together to create a coherent style for the film, even when they had to incorporate a variety of very disparate art styles. He also frequently drew concept art himself, often to help this unifying process along. This was an especially important job in the early stages of the film’s production when they were still experimenting with styles and character designs.

There are two particularly interesting elements I would like to point out in this character design concept art. First, this particular version of Hercules is an interesting one. This version was meant to be a blonde blue-eyed bronzed version of a the stereotypical “Greek god” who would have worn very little clothing. At some point they decided that this version made Hercules seem a bit arrogant and decided to change his design into a buff and handsome guy who also had a bit of dorkiness to him. Meg’s design is also very interesting. This is the only concept art I’ve ever seen that shows Meg dressed in black instead of purple or white as most of the others do. Also notice the tiara-like headpiece she is wearing. Although I’m not 100% sure, it seems this is from a brief period in the film’s development where Meg was actually going to be a princess.

So there you have it, a little bit more about this wonderful piece of Hercules concept art by Andy Gaskill.

Image Credit: http://disneymoviesandfacts.tumblr.com/post/43212439670/i-noticed-some-questions-about-meg-being-part-of 



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