A Tangled Masterpiece Monday


After writing that article on Rapunzel I have a ton of beautiful concept art I didn’t get to use. Claire Keane is probably one of my favourite Disney artists, everything she draws is so beautiful, especially her sketches of Rapunzel. So I decided to feature another piece of her artwork today. This piece comes from the time period during which Nathan Greno and Bryon Howard were the directors of the film.

Art is practically in Claire Keane’s blood as her father is famous Disney animator Glen Keane, who animated characters like Ariel and Pocahontas. When her father became the director of Tangled he put her in charge of visual development on the film. One of my favourite things about these later sketches of Rapunzel is Claire Keane’s beautiful use of bright and pastel colours. I have also fallen in love with all of the beautiful dresses and hairstyles she designed for Rapunzel. They have a classic fairy tale feeling to them thats almost a mix of Renaissance peasant dress and modern day boho clothing. It’s no surprise that costumes stand out in Claire Keane’s art, after all her first job at Disney was designing Giselle’s dresses in Enchanted.

I find that Claire Keane’s drawings really capture the spirit of Rapunzel. She actually  kept a sketch book with her at all times throughout her day and would periodically sketch Rapunzel doing everyday tasks. She felt it was really important in understanding Rapunzel’s personality to imagine how she would spend an ordinary day in her unique situation. She even did sketches trying to figure out how Rapunzel would maneuver around her 70 ft of hair when getting dressed, which when you think about it is quite a dilemma. Because of her unique understanding of the character, Claire Keane was also asked to design Rapunzel’s murals in her tower. Se put a ton of effort into the little details and thinking about how Rapunzel would have used her paintings to express herself throughout he various stages in her life. I really recommend looking more closely at her murals next time you watch the film.

Thanks for reading as I gush a little more about Claire Keane. If you want to see some more of her beautiful artwork you can visit her website Claire on a Cloud here. She is also a wonderful children’s book writer and illustrator and you can see some of her books on her website as well.

Image Credit: http://www.claireonacloud.com/

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