My First Ever Masterpiece Monday


I love writing detailed articles for this blog, but they take an awful long time to write. In the mean time this blog just sort of sits around waiting. So I’m introducing a new hopefully weekly feature, Masterpiece Monday. You see I have files full of hundreds of pieces of amazing animation art that  didn’t make the cut in an article, or that I just haven’t gotten around to using yet. This feature will be where I showcase some of those pieces.

Today I am beginning at the beginning and keeping my alliteration going with a Mickey Mouse Masterpiece Monday . Here we have a sheet of  1928 development sketches of Mickey Mouse drawn by Walt Disney himself, along with his best friend Ub Iwerks and animator Les Clark. As you can see,  Mickey could have been wearing a lot more clothes in his first film appearance than he actually did. Also notice how one of the first ever sketches of Minnie Mouse slipped in as well. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed this glance way back into Disney Animation history. See you next week for another Masterpiece Monday.

Image Credit: Design. Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Archive Series.

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