The Gospel Truth

In my last two articles I looked at films based on fairy tales that were made in Disney’s Golden Era and Silver Era. Well now I’m going to jump ahead in time to look at a film from Disney’s Renaissance Era, and jump back in time to write about a film set in ancient Greece. That’s right, my next article is on Disney’s Hercules

What made me choose Hercules? Well on June 27th, Hercules had it’s 19th anniversary (I still remember seeing it in the movie theatre, so that makes me feel really old). To celebrate, Disney’s blog, ‘Oh My Disney’, released this video full of live action reference and storyboards from the production of the film. It’s fascinating to look at, and it really inspired me to do something a little different and make Hercules the subject of my next article. So stay tuned to find out how the film went from zero to hero.


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