Once Upon a Time…


That’s how every good story starts, and this post is the beginning of the story of my blog.

I’ve been a fan of Disney films for pretty much my entire life, and once DVDs came out, one of my favourite past times became going through the bonus features of Disney DVDs and learning all about Disney history and how the films were made. I took this passion into studying film, and when it came time to write my dissertation, it came to no surprise to anyone that I chose to write on the production histories of Disney Princess films. I loved the research I was doing and the fun stories I was uncovering so much that I wanted to continue researching and sharing this knowledge with people.
The idea for this blog came from that desire.

The title of the blog, ‘If the Glass Slipper Fits’ was taken from the title of my dissertation. Although at the time it referred to my topic, in a way I also feel it refers to me and my interests. I’ve often felt the pressure to write about and study more serious things, Oscar contenders or French New Wave films, the kind of films people usually think of when they heard I was a film student. But that’s not me, that’s never been where my interests were. My passion has always been for Disney films. I refused to deny that passion to do more serious things, and now this blog will allow me to continue on with that passion even as I move on into the real world and try to follow my dreams, (which you may have guessed involve working for Disney in the future). So since the glass slipper fits me, I’m going to wear it, and write about the films I love most.

The goal of this blog is to post fun little articles on Disney film history looking mainly at the behind-the-scenes stories of the films’ production and sharing content like concept art sketches and live action reference footage. I may also cover some current Disney film news on this blog if I find it interesting or relevant. My hope is to write at least one article about each of the 55 films made by Walt Disney Animation Studios. I also plan to cover many of the Pixar films and some of the live action films as well. I don’t have a system quite yet as to how I will choose which film I write about, but if you have a film you’d really like to see an article about, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do. There’s also no set schedule as to when I will get article out. I do still have a life in the real world to deal with, and some films will naturally take longer to research than others. I do know that my first article will be on the first Disney feature-length film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I plan on looking at the development of Snow White’s appearance, as the princess went through every age, body type, and hair colour you can imagine during her early design process. I plan on having  the article out sometime next week, hope you are as excited about it as I am.

Credit: gif taken from here.









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